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Your Peoria-Bloomington Film School Alternative

Clear a space for all those filmmaking awards you’ll win with Peoria-Bloomington Film Connection. We’ve partnered up with various production companies in both Peoria and Bloomington to get your career started through mentorships.

Our 6-month behind the scenes program gives you the chance to work with mentors who are filmmaking professionals in the Peoria-Bloomington area. You will go to their studios or production houses and gain invaluable experience that will put you ahead of any other film-school graduates who have nothing to show for their time but lectures and a student film.

For those that want the fully immersive filmmaking experience, we also offer the 8-month directors track. This comprehensive program pairs you up with many mentors as you write, direct, and edit your own project. No other program in the world offers its students a chance to pitch to Hollywood insiders like we do.

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Located in central Illinois, the cities of Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois host populations of about 115,000 and 75,000 people, respectively. This area is home to many historical buildings, beautiful countryside, and rests within driving distance of major cities such as Chicago and St. Louis–making the Peoria-Bloomington area a good central area for location filming. These cities benefit from Illinois' generous tax incentives for filmmakers (up to 30 percent tax credit), and several production companies can be found in the area. For people considering a career as a film producer, film producer, film editor or related professions, the Peoria-Bloomington area can be a great alternative to relocation, thanks to FILM CONNECTION's unique system.

Just a few of the productions that have seen location filming in Peoria-Bloomington and the surrounding region of Illinois include movies like The Only Way, Jo Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling, The Dark Knight and Eagle Eye; television shows such as WWF Raw; and documentaries such as Capitalism: A Love Story and Elvis in East Peoria. 

FILM CONNECTION’s Mentor Apprentice Programs in both Film and TV have been placing students in film and TV jobs for over two decades. Through our inexpensive 6-month program, we can place you with a working professional who will be your instructor and mentor, giving you valuable connections and hands-on experience with real film and video shoots. Over 70 percent of our graduates get hired, often by the very companies in which they do their schooling. Can we help launch your career in Peoria or Bloomington? You bet we can.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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