This isn’t a boring Quebec City film school classroom. This isn’t an overcrowded college laboratory. This is life. Real Life. YOUR LIFE.

Welcome to Quebec City, where the magic of filmmaking comes alive! If you’re passionate about cinema and dream of making your mark in the industry, look no further than Film Connection. Unlike traditional college classrooms, Film Connection offers an unparalleled learning experience by training you alongside a seasoned industry insider.

Imagine the advantage of being immersed in the real-world environment of a film production company right here in Quebec City. With Film Connection, you’ll not only receive professional training but also build industry connections that can launch your career to new heights. 

Film Connection stands out as the ultimate solution for aspiring filmmakers. Our unique approach ensures that you learn by doing, giving you hands-on experience from day one. Whether you’re interested in directing, cinematography, screenwriting, or any other aspect of film production, our comprehensive curriculum covers it all. Plus, our strong industry connections mean you’ll have access to exclusive job opportunities and personalized job assistance, setting you on the path to success in the world of filmmaking.

Don’t Spend More on your Film Education if You Don’t Have to

We understand the financial challenges that often accompany pursuing higher education, which is why we offer a better solution that can save you up to $100,000 on tuition costs. Film Connection is committed to keeping costs low, ensuring that your education remains affordable and accessible.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to learn alongside an industry mentor, gaining hands-on experience and building connections with other professionals. Choose Film Connection as the best solution for your learning and becoming a successful filmmaker while avoiding overwhelming student loan debt. 

By choosing Film Connection, not only will you save money, but you’ll also receive top-tier professional training and job assistance, equipping you with the tools to succeed in the competitive film industry. Don’t let financial barriers hinder your dreams—enroll with Film Connection today.

Meet Our Mentors

Adam Weber

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Daniel Lir

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Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

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Alejandra Huerta

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Daniela Larsen

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Get Real World Film Production Experience in Quebec City

Quebec City is one of the premier destinations for aspiring filmmakers looking to gain real-world experience and knowledge in the film industry. Film Connection offers a unique learning opportunity where students have the privilege to learn alongside film professionals, acquiring hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical classroom instruction.

In just 6-9 months, you can master the art of screenwriting and other skills necessary to get ahead in this competitive field. Our program is meticulously crafted to provide professional training, industry connections, and job assistance, ensuring that you receive a top-notch education and launch your filmmaking career with confidence.

By learning from inside the film production business, you’ll gain invaluable feedback and guidance throughout the entire process, refining your techniques and elevating your writing abilities. Whether your goal is to write for film, television, or digital media, Film Connection equips you with practical knowledge and industry connections that are essential for success.

Our Quebec City Film Industry Mentors Help you Build Real World Connections

Our groundbreaking approach allows you to learn directly from mentors and film production professionals right here in Quebec City. You have the advantage of being guided by experts who have worked on blockbuster films, gaining insider knowledge and real-world insights that can’t be replicated in a traditional classroom setting.

Through hands-on training and practical projects, you’ll develop the skills needed to succeed in the film industry. With our strong network of mentors and professionals in Quebec City, you’ll build valuable industry connections that can open doors to exciting opportunities. Don’t settle for learning from textbooks alone—choose Film Connection and embark on a transformative journey.

Learn the skills you need to take your idea from paper to the big screen.

Real world film education by filmmakers for filmmakers, optimized for today!


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