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Your San Francisco Film School Alternative

The San Francisco Film Connection Film School Advantage

1) Locations and More Locations.

The Film Connection is not limited to a central campus, or even a handful of campuses. Our on-the-job training approach has enabled us to establish hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. Whether you want to learn filmmaking here in San Francisco, or in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Nashville, Atlanta, Phoenix or Billings, Montana, we can arrange an apprenticeship (externship) near where you live.
Learn near where you live. Advantage: Film Connection.

2) Super Low Tuition.

Taking on tens of thousands of of debt can kill your career before it ever gets off the ground. Our tuition is so low that you can graduate the program with little or no debt, and get on with your film career without the extra burden.
Low tuition, no add-on charges. Advantage: Film Connection.

3) Learn On-the-Job, Not In a Classroom.

Which do you think would be better: to learn film in a classroom, or to learn on-the-job and on the set of real film productions? With our program, you’re placed as an apprentice (extern) in a real San Francisco film production company, where you learn the real world of film by participating in the process.
Real-world experience, no classrooms. Advantage: Film Connection.

4) Be Mentored One-on-One By a Film Professional.

Our instructors aren’t career professors lecturing in classrooms; they are real film producers, film directors, screenwriters, film editors, etc. who are actually working and have real film credits. One of these stellar professionals will become your personal mentor, teaching you everything you need to know about the film business in general, and your area of expertise in particular.
One teacher to one student. Advantage: Film Connection.

5) The Film School Most Recommended By the Pros.

Our film school has lots of professional endorsements? The pros who recommend the Film Connection are the best in the business, and include names like Oliver Stone, Hans Zimmer, David Lynch and many, many others. We have their support because they see our results every day, in the many film students we introduce into the industry.
Lots of endorsements from real film professionals. Advantage: Film Connection.

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6) Job Placement Assistance.

If you aren’t hired immediately upon graduation from our apprenticeship (externship) program, we don’t just leave you alone to find your way. For all our graduates, we offer up to 12 months of active job placement assistance through our Stay Connected program.
We don’t just hand you a cold-call lead list when you graduate. We help you find work. Advantage: Film Connection.

7) From the Jump, You’re On the Inside

Getting the attention of someone on the “inside” of the film business is one of the biggest hurdles film students face. With the San Francisco Film Connection, this isn’t an issue, because from day one of your training, you’re already on the inside, working in a real film production company, proving your abilities to the people who have the power to help advance your career.
Get on the inside track of the film industry. Advantage: Film Connection.

8) Free Tutoring.

No one has to fall through the cracks in our film school. For any student struggling with assignments or projects, we offer free, unlimited tutoring.
Unlimited free tutoring. Advantage: Film Connection.

9) Real Connections with Real Professionals.

With our program, you’re meeting and connecting with hundreds of actual film industry pros—the ones who can one day hire you. Connections are KEY to succeeding in the film business, and we put you in the heart of the industry so you can make those connections.
Real world film industry connections. Big Advantage: Film Connection.

10) Take It All the Way To Hollywood

Dreaming of making it big in Hollywood? Our film school provides a pathway no other film school offers. With our structured curriculum, you’ll be guided step by step in the development of your very own film idea, and when you’re ready, we’ll set up a meeting in Los Angeles for you to pitch your film to actual industry executives! This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and only the Film Connection offers it.
A real chance to break into Hollywood. Big Advantage: Film Connection.

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Welcome to the San Francisco FILM CONNECTION, the film school that places you in an actual San Francisco film production company, where you will learn directing, producing, editing, camera, screenwriting or general production by working as a film student apprentice (extern). One of the best ways to break into the film business in San Francisco is to start inside a San Francisco film production company as a film apprentice (extern), and the FILM CONNECTION gets you in the door.

We don’t believe film school should cost 50 thousand dollars or more, so we place you inside a real production company to learn filmmaking for far a lot less. Many industry professionals agree that our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach to teaching filmmaking is a smart and cost-effective way to learn. Get connected as you get educated with our film school alternative.

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While SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA is itself home to about 800,000 people, the greater San Francisco Bay Area (comprising San Jose, Oakland and lots of other cities) is a sprawling metropolitan area of about 8.5 million people, making the Bay Area the 5th largest DMA in the country. Moving well beyond its roots as a gold-rush town, San Francisco has a reputation for being an intellectual city, a liberal city and a cultural city, which allows for great diversity in the media and performing arts. This city will forever be linked with the Summer of Love, which spawned a revolution in the music business with acts such as the Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead.

Additionally, San Francisco boasts a thriving film community, not only due to its numerous film festivals per year and plenty of film and TV productions on the local level, but also because its diverse scenery and resources attract hundreds of major productions to film on location. Just look at a sampling of the many films that have been filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Blue Jasmine (2013)
  • The Five-Year Engagement (2012)
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  • Mrs. Doubtfire (2013)
  • The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
  • House of Sand and Fog (2003)
  • The Princess Diaries (2001)
  • Patch Adams (1998)
  • Interview With the Vampire (1994)
  • Basic Instinct (1992)
  • Escape From Alcatraz (1979)
  • The Graduate (1967)
  • The Birds (1963)
  • Vertigo (1958)

As you might imagine, San Francisco’s active film scene makes it a great place for up-and-coming producers, directors, film editors and screenwriters to connect to the industry and learn the business without necessarily having to migrate to Los Angeles. This makes FILM CONNECTION’s Film School in San Francisco an excellent choice for the student seeking career opportunities in film.

The FILM CONNECTION curriculum revolves around the mentor/apprentice relationship. We place you as an apprentice (extern) in a real production company, and we pair you with a mentor who has years of experience in film production, and who trains you one-on-one in all aspects of the trade. Not only does this approach provide the very best and most thorough education possible, but it also enables you to gain valuable work experience and make lots of connections to advance your career. In as little as six months, you’ll not only be well-prepared to embark on your film career, but you’ll also have the connections to help you do it! You owe it to yourself to see what the SAN FRANCISCO FILM CONNECTION can do for your career.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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