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How’s this for hands-on training: just you, your mentor, and a film production facility packed with all the gear you can imagine. You can’t learn filmmaking sitting in a classroom or in front of a computer screen: you have to see the gear, touch it, use it, and even make mistakes with it. 

So don’t be afraid to make mistakes—In fact, we often learn best from our mistakes.–your San Francisco mentor will be there to instruct you, help correct your mistakes, and show you the secret tricks of the trade that the textbooks never teach. Once you master these skills, you’ll be free to find your own signature filmmaking style and carve your own niche. 

So this San Francisco film studio is far more than a classroom, or a place to learn the gear—it’s a place for Big Things to happen. Are you dreaming of becoming the Next Big Thing? You’re in the right place. We stand ready to help.

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