Our Washington D.C. Film Connection Campus

This is what hands-on training is all about: a room full of gear, just you and your mentor, and the kind of access to use the gear that most film students rarely get to use. You can’t learn filmmaking sitting in a classroom or in front of a computer screen: you have to see the gear, touch it, use it, and even make mistakes with it. 

Sure, you’ll make mistakes, but often that’s how we learn things. And your Washington D.C. mentor will be there every step of the way to guide you, instruct you, correct you and share his special secrets for getting the filmmaking expertise you’re striving for. 

You’ve got talent, you’ve got passion, and you’ve got the dream to make it big in the film industry. Your Washington D.C. film studio/production house is the perfect place to make those talents shine, to put feet to your passion, and to make your dreams come true, like others who have gone before you. Your future is waiting—and so are we. Enroll now.

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