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The Alabama Film Connection affords you opportunities to connect to the film industry in ways no other film school in the state can offer. Simply put, we don’t believe you can learn the film industry by sitting in a college or trade school classroom, so instead we pair you with a working film professional for one-on-one training in a real film production company. None of your classes take place “on campus,” but rather “on the set,” where you not only get a more effective education, but you also get the chance to make important industry connections that lead to jobs. Whether your dream is to be a screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor or film director, your path to Hollywood begins right here in Alabama!

Externship Locations in Alabama

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Learn Film Production Close to Home with an Alabama Film Industry Insider

  • To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
  • Sweet Home Alabama (2002)
  • Failure to Launch (2006)
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
  • Big Fish (2003)
  • Mississippi Burning (1988)
  • Oculus (2013)

As you can see, both major studios and independent filmmakers frequently come to Alabama to shoot footage, partly due to generous incentives offered by the state. Many of these film productions use local talent to help them with location filming, and that’s where externing in an Alabama studio can give you larger connections to the film industry. And the Alabama Film Connection can put you in direct contact with these opportunities where other film schools fall short.

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How do we do it? Our film externship program places you as a working extern in a real production company, pairs you with a film professional in your particular area of interest (e.g., screenwriting, editing, cinematography, directing, etc.), and provides a structured curriculum to guide the process. Yes, you’ll have some reading and homework, but where you’ll really learn the ropes is working on-the-job alongside your mentor, who teaches you one-on-one. And if your dream is to make your own films, your curriculum will be geared around helping you develop your own film idea, then pitching it directly to Hollywood executives when you graduate! Name one other film school that does this! (You can’t—we’re the only one.)

And here’s yet another advantage: how would you like to get this kind of training without going into debt? Thanks to our low tuition rates, you can. Other film schools charge outrageous tuition rates for the privilege of sitting in the classroom; we provide on-the-job training and get you in the door of the film industry, and we do it for about 75 PERCENT LESS than the other guys!

From Mobile to Muscle Shoals, and from Birmingham to Montgomery, the Alabama Film Connection partners with actual film professionals across the state to provide externship opportunities you can’t find at any other school. Are you ready to get started? CLICK HERE to apply for free.



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"I had an amazing experience with the program. Got the chance to learn and know what to expect in the industry I'm interested in working in.. Working with a follow…"

Reymond Gutierrez – Las Vegas, Nevada

"I got great movie recommendations that gave me many creative influences. My mentor gave constructive feedback on my script. I learned about how to work on a film set and…"

Josh Chacko – Arlington, Washington

"The curriculum offered a fantastic jumping off point for me and my mentor to dig deep into any and everything filmmaking!"

Miranda Bellio – Newton, Massachusetts

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