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Here’s a hint if you are serious about breaking into the film industry: you won’t do it by sitting in some film school classroom. Despite the many film schools in New York, the New York Film Connection can get you closer to the action than any other school can. How? By placing you as a working extern inside a real film production company, and pairing you with an actual filmmaker or film professional who mentors you one-on-one.

Whether you want to be a film producer, film director, screenwriter, editor or cinematographer, the best place to learn filmmaking is on-the-job and on the set, under the personal guidance of someone who does it for a living. That’s why, with our one-of-a-kind program, you won’t spend a single day in a college or trade school classroom. You’ll learn in the “real world” of film, gaining valuable work experience and making connections with lots of other industry professionals. By the time those other film students finally graduate and leave their classrooms, if you play your cards right, you’ll already be an industry insider!

Externship Locations in New York

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Learn Film Production Close to Home with a New York Film Industry Insider

New York City is home to one of the largest film industry communities in the world, second only to Hollywood itself. From popular television series like Person of Interest and The Blacklist to major motion pictures such as Spider-Man and The Godfather, the “Big Apple” has hosted thousands of major productions over the years—and that doesn’t even include the many films shot on location throughout the state of New York, or the thriving indie film community with dozens of world-renowned film festivals held throughout the state each year.

Suffice it to say that outside of Los Angeles itself, New York is one of the best places in the country to connect to the film industry—but again, you won’t make those connections sitting in a classroom. The New York Film Connection can help you make the most of those opportunities where other film schools can’t.

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Our film school has been endorsed by hundreds of industry professionals, many of whom choose to teach for us. Our structured curriculum can be tailored to fit many areas of interest in film, and we can pair you with a mentor who specializes in your chosen concentration, whether cinematography, production, screenwriting, editing or others. All classes take place on the job with your mentor, coupling reading and homework with lots of actual experience on real projects. And if your goal is to break into the industry with your own film, your mentor will guide you step-by-step through the development of your own film idea—and when you’re ready, we’ll arrange for you to pitch your film to actual Hollywood executives! Compare and see: there is no other film school in the world that offers this kind of opportunity.

The one thing you want to avoid at all costs is crushing student debt, which can kill your new career before it starts. Other film schools practically force you into debt with their excessive tuition rates—but not the New York Film Connection. Our rates are consistently up to 75% LOWER than the other guys, so you can focus on what’s important—your new career—rather than be enslaved by debt.

Are you ready to get started on your new film career? Are you ready to start learning the film business from INSIDE the business? If you are, we are standing by to help. Apprenticeships are available now, so APPLY HERE FOR FREE to learn more!



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"I had an amazing experience with the program. Got the chance to learn and know what to expect in the industry I'm interested in working in.. Working with a follow…"

Reymond Gutierrez – Las Vegas, Nevada

"I got great movie recommendations that gave me many creative influences. My mentor gave constructive feedback on my script. I learned about how to work on a film set and…"

Josh Chacko – Arlington, Washington

"The curriculum offered a fantastic jumping off point for me and my mentor to dig deep into any and everything filmmaking!"

Miranda Bellio – Newton, Massachusetts

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