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INDIANA FILM SCHOOL by Film Connection

Your Indiana Film School Alternative

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker in Indiana, your pathway to Hollywood begins right here! The Indiana Film Connection stands out from other film schools as the only school that trains you in the heart of the action, placing you as a working apprentice (extern) in a real film production company near where you live. Instead of learning in some stale classroom, you’ll learn on-the-job, participating in real productions under the personal supervision and instruction of a real film professional who trains you one-on-one!

Consider this: if you want to be a cinematographer, screenwriter, film editor, film director or producer, how do you get started? Other film schools like to tell you that it starts by paying their expensive tuition and sitting in their classrooms—but the people who actually make a living in this business know better. They know, as we do, that the way to break into film is to get on the set, to get involved, to get real work experience and make connections. You can’t do that in a classroom—you can only do that by working in the industry. That’s where we put you, from day one.

If you think there are no opportunities to connect to the film industry in Indiana, think again. Not only does the state have many talented local professionals and a thriving indie film scene with dozens of annual film festivals, but major studio productions also come here regularly to shoot on location.

Here’s a partial list of major motion pictures that have filmed here in Indiana:

  • A League of Their Own (1992)
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  • Hoosiers (1986)
  • Breaking Away (1978)
  • Going All the Way (1997)
  • Rudy (1993)
  • Con Air (1997)
  • Public Enemies (2009)

With this much film activity going on right here in the state, you can see how there are opportunities to connect—but only if you can get your foot in the door. By placing you as a working apprentice (extern) in a film production company, that’s exactly where we get you: in the door. We’ve got film mentors located in Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, South Bend, Terre Haute and other cities, so you can learn the ropes without having to move away from home!

With our program, you will not spend a single day in a classroom. Instead, your training occurs on-the-job and on the set, combining a structured curriculum with personal instruction from your mentor and plenty of real-world experience. Whatever your particular interests (like screenwriting, cinematography or editing), we’ll pair you with a mentor who specializes in that area of interest. And if your dream is to break into Hollywood and make your own movies, your mentor will coach you through the process of developing your own film idea—and then we’ll arrange for you to pitch that film in Hollywood to real movie executives! There is literally no other opportunity like this on the planet.

One caution, though: you need to avoid student debt like the plague. Debt can kill your career before it ever gets started. Unfortunately, most film schools don’t care about this, which is why they charge huge tuitions that practically force you into debt. The Indiana Film Connection doesn’t do this. Instead, we keep our tuition rates at about 75 percent LESS than the competition charges, so you can focus on launching your film career instead of focusing on how to pay your debt.

Are you ready to make REAL PROGRESS toward a career in the film industry? Are you ready to get on the inside track? If so, the Indiana Film Connection is ready to help. APPLY NOW FOR FREE to get started.

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
Fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch: