Career Services Job Assistance Program

If you studied with The Film Connection, here are some of the jobs that would be available to you right now.

The Film Connection’s one-of-a-kind Career Services Job Assistance Program is in place to help all our graduates make the successful transition out of school and into a lucrative position in the film industry.

Due to the unique nature of our on-the-job training, many of our students find gainful employment immediately upon graduation, and even before. However, understandably, some of our graduates still need some assistance in finding job openings—and our commitment to helping our students find and secure those jobs is second to none. This is why we have put our Career Services Job Assistance Program in place.

For up to a year after you graduate, one of our Career Services Advisors will be actively involved in helping you connect to a successful career by contacting real film production companies to help make the introductions for you, attempting to help you get your foot in the door.

The Film Connection’s Career Services Job Assistance Program includes the following steps designed to help you make the most of your newly acquired skills and potential:

  1. Prepare a 5-year plan. Spend time contemplating your career goals in the film industry, and create short-term, medium and long-term goals.
  2. Learn the art of self-promotion. Discover multiple tools to get your name out there so people know what you can offer them.
  3. Present yourself as a professional. Learn how to polish your public persona (from voicemail to email and more) so you will be taken seriously.
  4. Learn how to write a dynamic cover letter that will improve your chances for being called.
  5. Create a professional resume designed and organized to show off your strengths and get you noticed.
  6. Develop a list of professional references—people who can attest to your abilities and your professionalism.
  7. Create a log of companies/studios where you plan to apply for work. Research five places where you wish to apply, and use your log to document each stage of the application process with them.
  8. Now it’s time to apply to all five locations!
  9. Learn how to land, or “create,” an interview. Develop creative strategies for getting your foot in the door besides the conventional hand-in-your-resume approach.
  10. Learn how to give a winning interview, and how to follow up on it afterward.


Most importantly, as you make this transition from student to pro, our Career Services department is here for you each step of the way. Need career counseling? Need help with your resume or cover letter? A friendly voice to encourage you? We are always a phone call or email away.

Please note that Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools is an academic institution, not a job placement service or employment agency. While we are highly committed to the ultimate success of our students, we cannot offer any guarantee of a job. However, if you are ambitious, passionate, and dedicated to finding a job in film, you will find that we will do our utmost to help you obtain the employment you need and deserve.

We know it takes determination to become a working film professional. That’s why the Career Services Job Assistance Program is here for you.

“The Film Connection gave me the means to pursue screenwriting as a career. I learned from professionals, but I would say, that in their own way, they were teachers because they were trying to elevate you.”

Gordon Maniskas, Manchester, MA

“I have been working with my mentor’s studio now for a little over a year, and wow there are so many stories and experiences that I could share. The one that sticks out to me the most is when they had informed me they were going to be leaving for L.A. to shoot a music Video with a rap artist. I immediately asked them if I could go, and they said yes. 🙂 I also realized that it was a great opportunity for me to help produce the video, and so I decided to invest. three days before we were scheduled to leave, I was booking flights, location scouting, getting the camera equipment ready, and meeting with the editor to make a shot list and decide how we were going to be editing the video as a team. The week went by fast and it wasn’t long before I was at the Hollywood castle on the Hollywood hill setting up shots, assisting the director, and working with camera operators who had been called down to help out on the set. The experience was a real eye opener to how much work it takes to make it happen, but the fulfillment after it was all done and knowing that I had a part in the process was irreplaceable. Everyone who had been on set that day told my mentor that i was the hardest worker there, and they asked me if i had any plans to move down to L.A. because they had jobs for me! Hearing very talented artists who had already been working in the industry for years tell me that i was a hard worker and offering me jobs was such a complement and really pushed me to stay motivated.”

Catura Jenson, Sandy, UT


Finding Employment With The Film Connection

by Brian Kraft
Consultant for Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools

Finding a job can be a scary prospect. Where do you start? Especially in a creative industry: it’s not like there are websites called JumpstartYourCareer.Com or Here’sHowToBreakIn.Net. You need to meet the right people, you need to gain experience, you need to be able to have the connections that will get you to the right place at the right time. Well, that what the Film Connection does. We help you break in. We help you meet people. We help you gain experience and perfect your skill set with a professional.

We place you in a production company where you’ll apprentice (extern) with a working professional who is doing exactly what you want to be doing. Do you dream of being a director? Well, then we’ll team you up with someone who is directing and making a living. Do you pine for the day when you’ll be able to make a living as a writer? We'll help you out by connecting you with a working screenwriter.

You’ll work with these people in their places of employment. You’ll learn how the employment ecosystem functions. You’ll be honing your craft under the watchful eye of a mentor who has been doing what you want to do for a decade, maybe more.

As a safety net, the Film Connection also has Employment Location Assistance protocols that will go into effect once you graduate. Oftentimes, our students are hired by their mentors or by people that they’ve met during their time in our film school alternative. They’ve usually been in the right place for long enough to find the right time. Well, if this doesn’t happen, we’ve got a backup plan. We’ll help you find work by placing you in our Job Placement service for up to a year after you graduate. That’s correct: for a whole twelve months after you graduate, we’ll help you find work.

Jumpstarting your career has never been this easy. We lay out a game plan, we get you in the door, and we help you connect to the people that you need to connect to. All you have to do is show up, ready and willing to give your all. Forging a career in the film business is not easy, but with our help it can be accomplished.

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