Andre Perry

When Andre Perry entered the Film Connection, he had no idea he’d be working both behind and in front of the camera!

“Nice, who is the casting director for Benny Boom’s Gorilla Flix production company, saw my potential and hired me for three videos,” Perry recounts.

The first video, Clipse, Rosoe and Pharrell’s song “Hot Damn,” features Pharrell Williams and Ab Liva. “I was a P.A. (production assistant) on the set, but that’s not all,” Andre explains. “In the video I play a police officer. It was directed by Benny Boom.”

Soon after came the video for rapper Freeway’s “Flipside,” featuring Peedi Crakk. Perry was a P.A. on that set of that video as well, which was directed by Erik White and produced by A Few Miles North.

That was followed by Sheek Louch’s “Welcome to D Block,” with Jadakiss, Styles, and J-Hood. “I was a P.A. on that set, and also got cast as an army recruit in the film,” says Perry.

Quite a record for someone who just entered the program!


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