Celisa Meals

Celisa Meals

“I can genuinely proclaim that I have lived my entire life through a lens. As I was growing up, the camera never strayed too far from the spotlight that seemed to always be on me. I loved entertaining my family and friends and when it was all said and done I was mesmerized watching myself on a playback. There came a point where I got behind the lens, and since then everything and every individual has become my subject manner. There are people who view the world in black and white or vivid colors and lines, but I see everything in frames. Once I graduated high school and began to pursue a career in film, I realized early on that the competitive atmosphere might not be the most efficient choice for me. I watched countless classmates and friends graduate, most in which whom had the same dilemma – finding the work to exercise their knowledge and skills. In 2011, I made a decision to seek out alternative film sources to get my foot in the door. After a few months of hard-investigation, I committed my time to the Film Connection, where in roughly four months I was working in the field. Having the one on one opportunity with my mentor really put me in a valuable place within the facility I did my externship and internship. Knowing Luis Estrada on a personal basis allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident in my working environment, and presented more opportunity for me as an individual based on my skill set. Although I did complete three years of the traditional RTVF program at the University of North Texas, nothing has been more beneficial to my film and photography career such as The Film Connection.”

– Celisa Meals, Denton, TX

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