Devin Connelly - Film Connection Student (Camera) Success Story

Recently, I have begun working the camera for a few live interview shoots. This has involved basic camera operation, microphone checks, and carrying out instructions on setting up the shot. This has been a great experience being involved in the fast-paced and time sensitive action that a live shoot entails.


Lesson two gave me a better understanding of terminology utilized in filmmaking that should serve me well when determining the kinds of films I would like to work on in the future. Overall I am enjoying the experience and very much enjoy the insight of my mentor.


On this day, I participated in a live recording on site for a hospice company CEO's quarterly update to his employees. The day started off by packing up all the equipment to which I gained insight on the kinds of tools and props needed. Once arriving on site, I assisted in setting up the stage, previewing the script, and had a small session with a colleague on basic camera operation. After filming the shoot, we packed up and performed a few other tasks back at the studio before closing out the day. Overall, the experience was very enlightening as I acquired more hands-on training with camera set-up and stage equipment.


On this day in the studio, I performed my usual routine with a regular live shoot that comes to the studio every Friday. Afterwards, I was placed in charge of managing a tape reel for some commercial recordings the talent was doing immediately after.


On this day, I was apart of the setup crew assigned to tricast an upcoming seminar in the venue. The equipment included a mobile control station, 3 cameras, and a backdrop (including lighting) for a secondary recording project. Throughout most of the day involved running cables to the various cameras from the control station. However, I was able to get very extensive training on the camera (Canon XLH1) from members of the crew as well as practice setting up various kinds of shots after we were done. The experience was very educational and I look forward to more days like this.


The event at the studio was a networking gathering of industry professionals from around the DFW area. The evening started out with dinner provided by the studio and socialization among all the attendees. The actual event was a panel presentation by five specially selected members who had excelled in their particular fields. These producers had worked on things ranging from History Channel documentaries, PBS, to Nickelodeon cartoons. We had three cameras set up to record and live broadcast the event of which I was placed on one located off to the side. Throughout the evening, the producer in the control room switched back and forth between all the cameras depending on who was speaking and was giving us orders via headset on where to pan. I had a great time and hope to be able to do more of this in the near future.

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