From mentor to manager… Ian McCamant shares his experience having a manager in LA!

This year has been an exciting one for Film Connection alumnus Ian McCamant. Not only did Ian relocate from the east coast early in the year, but in his first week he was able to find a manager and score a sweet apartment in West Hollywood! For those unfamiliar with LA, that’s where Quentin Tarantino got his start. Since February, Ian has been working with his new manager on preparing his scripts to pitch (and hopefully sell!) to Hollywood.

When Ian met his manager, it was business at first sight.

“I met him in the heart of Hollywood while out on the town one night. We exchanged business cards and during the next meeting we had we were watching my film from college. He liked [my film] so much that he asked to see some examples of my writing, so I showed him my scripts. Ever since then, he’s been helping me fix them up to prepare for pitch meeting with producers and some of the other contacts I’ve made so far. Having a manager has really helped me excel in the right direction, especially in finding other writing gigs and [networking] opportunities.”



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