Jorge Ruiz - Film Student (Assistant Directing) Success Story


This week I learned more about the stedi-cam and actually started practicing. My mentor set up some obstacles for me to practice filming with the steadi-cam. Later we looked at some more techniques for sound editing.

ON Friday my mentors old intern came in who is now a director at the local channel 2 station. We talked about his career and he gave me tips for the future. Even better, my mentor asked him to find me a job with him. He said he would try but he couldn’t guarantee anything. Honestly I’m just glad to be getting my name in there.


Finally-I have received final cut today the problem is i was supposed to get adobe premier because i don’t have a mac. so if you could call or email me and let me know what i should do i would really appreciate it! thank you greg!!


This week I went over the three lessons about directing. My mentor Brian looked over it with me as we discussed the lesson. He gave me plenty examples of the way he prepares for a project which helped me understand the whole process better. After that he taught me all about teach camera we have at the studio. From an old 1950's camera to the cannon T2i. I learned all of the technical terms and the importance of each setting on the cameras. Finally, he showed me a tutorial video about using the steadi-cam to leave with. Next week, I will learn how to operate the steadi-cam and practice with it. I look forward to developing this new skill.

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