Production Assistant Works on Featured Project

Karen Phelps – Film Student – Boston,MA

My first lesson consisted of a two and half week assignment as a production assistant on an independent film that was being shot in Rhode Island.  This was my first time on a set of any type and it ended up being an amazing experience.  Erik gave me positive feedback from the other people on the set as well.  I learned a great deal about on set protocols and networking.  I did many p.a. errands and tasks but became popular on the set for setting up the craft services (everybody needed their caffeine and candy fixes).  It’s a good thing when the 1st ad only wants you making his coffee right?  The job involved long hours and a level of commitment; I now understand why people say you have to love this work.  I already miss being on the set.


My second lesson consisted of working with Erik filming interviews for a documentary.  I learned a lot about lighting and setting for small shoots.  Erik also showed me some of the differences in the camera and lenses he used as an independent cinematographer versus the rented reds I had seen on the film set.  After the shoot we spent time going over the course work lesson 1.  And what happens when you get movie people talking about the history of film – debates on favorite films / directors and all the styles that make us love certain films.  Now I’m off to watch a couple of movies that I love without the sound – this is my homework from Erik to help me learn about setting scenes and pacing.

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