Madi Erion’s LA experience!

Film Connection grad Madi Erion got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the world of set-design here in Los Angeles – headquarter of the Film Connection. Madi is an aspiring designer with a special concentration in the art of building sets. With the guiding hand of Mr. Jeff Kushon (set designer for Dexter, Showtime) Madi was granted an awesome behind the scenes tour of some of Hollywood’s most famous prop houses as well as the Warner Bros. back lot.

Madi was also able to get some hands on practice tagging props and talking with the shows’ production designers.

Here’s what Madi had to say:

“This experience has been very eye-opening and I’m sad to leave. I want to thank everyone at the Film Connection for this AMAZING opportunity. Hopefully I will return to Los Angeles soon… And to stay! Now I really feel like I belong in the art department – it’s where I’m supposed to be. My goals of achieving becoming a production designer or art director are becoming a reality. Thank you again!”



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