Checking in with Film Connection Graduate Stephen Blanquie

We asked Stephen Blanquie, a recent graduate of the FilmConnection in Portland, OR to share what he is doing now that his lessons in the studio are over.

"(For the studio) I'm putting together for the web, for a company they have a lot of interview footage from their prior shoots with these clients, I'm piecing together these web-shorts on what the studio has done for them and what it's like working with them. I'm also touching up titles with After Effects so I have that coming together in the studio through the footage. From filming my friend, we have this footage I've been working on since fall… My friend works for this company called Liter in California where he's been tearing up around Portland on his fixed-gear bike so I've been following him with my (camera) and super eight.. So now we're wrapping up and trying to get a few lastminute tricks. I'll be putting together an edit for them kind of like a 'welcome to the team' clip for their company so I'm excited about that. Other than that I'm constantly filming skateboard edits and for my video I’m put out right now I'm kind of working on this montage. I'm just working for my production company, Folk Life and keep putting out footage for that… I am putting together this film about a skateboarder, his name is Duncan he rides for a local shop. We've been going out as much as we can, going out at night, doing a lot of night missions."

Stephen Blanquie, Portland, OR

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