Student Shameka Cole Directs Her First Music Video

Dreams are quickly becoming a reality just a few months into the film program for Atlanta based film student Shameka Cole.

“I love it. I’ve never been through a program, even in college, that has opened up so many doors for me.” Cole said.

During the month of June, Cole was able to direct her first music video in the great Atlanta area for local artist Tracy T of Maybach Music Group.

Cole said the video was a great success not only for the practical experience but also for the connections it provided. During the shoot, Shameka was approached by reality star Mama Dee who asked if Cole was the director of the video. Impressed by her work, Mama Dee asked if Cole might be interested in shooting an upcoming music video she is working on.

“We exchanged business cards and made a connection,” Cole recalled. “It was a great experience.”

Originally from New York, Ms. Cole moved to the Atlanta area in 2007 and quickly found herself in the right place – a city budding with creative artists like herself. Though her dream has always been to direct music videos from an early age, she has also found a fondness for storytelling as she works with established screenwriter Mark Gibson on a feature length thriller similar to the hit TV show Revenge.

Through the Film Connection, Shameka continues to make big connections and hopes to not only to direct more music videos, but to also start launching her own feature film ideas.
“A movie is the direct reflection of a Director. I completely get that,” Cole said, “I am definitely aspiring to become an Auteur Director.”

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