Zombie Madness! Graduate Ian McCamant Pitches his Movie

January 2014 will be bringing big things to the table for Ian McCamant of Elkton, Maryland. Just after the winter holidays, Ian will be making his big trip to Los Angeles to pitch his zombie flick to producer Evan Astrowsky (Cabin Fever).

In the beginning phases of Ian’s externship, he helped a previous extern, Dan Allen, produce a short horror film about a group of frat guys who wind up in a trans-dimensional portal.

In recent months, Ian has been working closely with mentor Janine Spruill at Madness Entertainment on everything from film production to budgeting scripts and the business end of things.

On the writing end of things, Ian has been working with screenwriter Richard Brandes (Jeepers Creepers, Penny Dreadful, My Daughter Was Stolen) on his untitled zombie horror feature which he plans to pitch in the second week of January. What separates his zombie movie from the others is that it focuses more on the living people and the mores of their society. He is also doing some interesting things with stereotypes,, a twist on convention, if you will – which you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Ian has described Janine as very passionate about her work – she even runs her own company called “Lil’ Filmmakers” in Philadelphia, PA. Richard’s assistance has also has been making a pivotal impact on Ian’s progression. In just the short period of time they’ve been working together they’ve discussed several feature ideas. Ian says that Richard has been incredibly supportive, a wealth of information.

“Having the resources available has been remarkable.”

In his overall experience, working with both Janine and Richard, Ian has learned everything about film theory tempered with the tangible, hands-on aspects and technical camera work. Together, Ian and Janine have begun taking on all of the business aspects of putting together a feature film down to the budgeting of his zombie film.

Ian is already looking into casting actors for his film and considering its locations, perhaps incorporating, a Northeastern “New England” feel.

Without a doubt, Mr. McCamant is working hard and steadily towards his goal of becoming a professional filmmaker, director, producer, and so much more. His Los Angeles arrival is expected this month!

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