Alex Keledjian worked with every screen in the industry: Movies, documentaries, TV series, and the internet. With his ability to bridge the gap between Hollywood glitz and tech wizardry, Keledjian offers the best of both worlds. He has worked with ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, and Disney to create premier entertainment for all ages.

He may best be known for creating Project Greenlight, a documentary series that follows first-time filmmakers directing a feature project. He worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including executive producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The series ran for four seasons (HBO for season 1, 2, and 4 and Bravo for season 3).

Before Project Greenlight, Keledjian executive produced a web series for YouTube: @SUMMER BREAK. The series followed a group of teenagers in Southern California the summer before college. Told in real-time, the participants offered a day-to-day look at the series through social media.

In 2018, Keledjian worked with Luke Wilson, David Arquette, and actress/singer Allie Gonino as the film director for High Voltage in 2018. The horror movie followed the story of a lead singer (Gonino) that was struck by lightning and developed powers that she used to advance her career. One critic said “An interesting blend of dramatic scenes… A music video interlude proves his eye exceeds most others.”

Keledjian also completed a screenplay for Daredevil 2, was an executive producer for an independent production company that worked with Coke Zero, Fox Sports, GM, and Toshiba. He’s been an account manager, project manager, and business developer. Simply put, he’s the insider’s insider for almost all facets of entertainment.

Film Connection Mentor

As a mentor, Keledjian is able to offer the “truth” about filmmaking. He went to film school himself but felt it only offered the theory of filmmaking. It wasn’t until he accepted an internship that he began to learn how films actually get made.

With his experience, connections, and work behind the camera, Keledjian is a welcome addition to Film Connection’s roster of mentors. He understands that what you know is how you get paid, but who you know gets you jobs. Find out why he believes Film Connection is the best way to get the insider’s look at the film industry.

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