Dear Parents and Students,

As an accredited film school for the last 29 years, we have worked very hard to maintain the highest academic and graduate success rate standards. We value our accreditation and we want you to feel comfortable with our school.

We know it's important in these tough economic times to do your homework before making decisions on your academic and professional future. Also, please note: The Film Connection Film Institute, in accordance with federal law, has a full refund policy viewable here. With that in mind, please review the following carefully. 

1.) The United States Bureau of Accredited Schools (USBAS) has recognized all of Film Connection Film Institute’s programs, teachers and training facilities/one-on-one classrooms in professional working environments. Visit the bureau at

2.) The National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA) has recognized all of Film Connection Film Institute’s programs as meeting their standards for curriculum, teachers, and educational excellence. Click here to visit the NPSAA

3.) The National Association of Music Education (MENC) has recognized The Film Connection Film Institute College as a member in good standing. Please visit their website by clicking here

4.) The Film Connection Film Institute is a member of the American Association for the Arts.

5.) Audio Engineering Society has also granted The Film Connection Film Institute family of programs with membership. This society also lists most of our music producing and audio engineering teachers as a members as well. Please visit these prestigious societies. Click here

6.) The Independent Film Alliance recognized our CPIHL. Click here

7.) Film Independent, an advocacy for higher education in film and TV studies has recognized our Film Program. Click here

8.) The American Music Producers Guild (AMP) has also granted membership to its prestigious producer’s only association. Click here

9.) The National Guild for Community Arts Education, one of the nation’s leading non-profit advocacy groups of Education has partnered with Film Connection Film Institute Schools by granting Film Connection Film Institute membership. Click here

10.) SLM Financial – U.S. Government backed School Loan Provider, the largest in the country. Film Connection Film Institute is proud to be a certified provider of The Smart Option Loan, which only offered to schools that demonstrate EXCELLENCE in TRAINING and sound financial foundation.


11.) The Film Connection Film Institute Family of Schools is also a Member in Good Standing of The Recording Academy, which is the official accreditation for schools granted by The Grammy Awards. Click here

12.) Film Connection Film Institute is also a member of The National Academy of Broadcasting (NAB). Click here

13.) The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Click here

14.) The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) Click here

15.) The Film Connection Film Institute Family of Schools is a CERTIFIED TRAINING CENTER for Avid (formerly Digi Design) Pro Tools.

Since we maintain the highest accreditation standards, our programs qualify for the new Lifetime Learning Tax Credit available should you decide to attend The Film Connection. For more information about this The Lifetime Learning Tax Credit or any other credits or deductions that may apply to your situation, please visit the following IRS publication:

These are private organizations that are not recognized by the United State Department of Education.