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“Today I met with Mr. Triscari after a longer than usual break in between our sessions. We spent some time going over the assignments that I had been working on for the curriculum and had some discussion about some of the points that we both thought were interesting.

In our first session, he asked me to write down three professional goals that I wanted to achieve for our time together. He was able to take a look at them and see what could be done in regards to making those goals a reality. One of the goals that I had written down was that I wanted to gain some experience in voice over work. I have always been fascinated with the work of Pixar movies, or just any animated movie in general, that mix the creativity of bringing imaginary characters to life through animation with the emotion and personality of someone’s voice. It’s the art of re-creating real life. I also feel like, when done properly, voice over work in a commercial or film production can add so much to a piece. Mr. Triscari was able to discuss with me some possible opportunities he had coming up to exploring that avenue, which left me feeling VERY excited. We then discussed some ideas for how I would go about shooting my documentary project about the boardwalk. He showed me a camera that he could lend out to me and gave me a basic overview of how it works. We talked about what would go into setting up the shots and what I need to keep in mind if I had the intention of interviewing people about their perspective of living in a beach town that is a popular tourist destination. We also discussed different ways that I could shoot it in his studio instead of doing it on location and how many potential problems it would cut down on if it was done in a controlled environment. It was incredibly informative to say the least to even discuss and see how practical the second option would be.

All in all, I left feeling very excited about what’s to come in the future and am feeling antsy about getting to get my hands dirty and do some hands on work. I will be going back Wednesday to meet with him again, primarily to get a better overview of how the camera works that he is going to lend me and to practice with it”

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