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I learned the importance of having an epic second act.

“I have to keep the audience of the edge of their seat and make the characters go through so much problems that it almost seems impossible for them to escape. That’s how my movie or any other movie will gain attention. What is the character risking to achieve his goals? How can I build momentum or tension to the point where the audience feels like they’re there with my characters and make the audience feel what the characters’ feel? After reviewing the importance of a second act with Jason, we took off to film Dennis’s short silent film. We went through a lot of errors since it was his first time directing with us but we tried helping in any way we could. I saw that he felt the pressure of time and starting getting a little nervous. He reminded me of my first time because everything he went through and did I did myself. He was thinking more of shots for the editing instead of playing out the scene just like me. After watching Dennis perform, I had a better idea of what and what not to do on set. Can’t wait to see Dennis and Tal become one of the best!”

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