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“Today I met with Aimee and she looked over lesson 2 as well as the progression of my story. Right now I’m bouncing off of a lot of ideas. It’s very loose and my characters aren’t very well developed. Aimee gave some great insight on what needs to be developed more and shared with me to look at the book Story by Robert McKee. It is an awesome book! He is thorough on what elements are needed to make a story work. He also outlines that the structure of the story is very important. It gives great examples of excerpts from scripts that don’t work and why. For next week I am to work on some sample coverages. This is to help me breakdown a script and become comfortable enough with them to know why it does or doesn’t work. I will be reading The Shining and a script from a project that Aimee is working on right now and then breaking them down. I am also working on developing my character’s backgrounds in more detail and the structure of the story.”

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