Brian Kraft, Chief Academic Officer and COO

Film Connection - Brian KraftBrian Kraft is Chief Academic Officer and COO for Recording Radio Film Connection, Inc. Schools.

Kraft attended The University of Santa Monica (USM) in Santa Monica, Ca. to study Transpersonal Psychology and is a career counselor and mentor to adults.

In 2008-09 Kraft directed and produced the ten hour documentary "The Fall of America and the Western World – A Survival Guide" featuring Liberal Author Naomi Wolf, Economists Doug Casey and David McAlvany, NYU Professor and Author Mark Crispin Miller, Libertarian G. Edward Griffin, Conservative Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Constitutionalist Joseph Farah, radical Alex Jones, David Icke, and Moderate Doug McIntyre. The film takes a serious look at how liberals, anarchists, radicals, conservatives and moderates all agree that America is on its way to economic implosion primarily through the wanton printing of money, fiscal irresponsibility, and government stupidity. The film was an Internet sensation, and is often cited as way to successfully market films to the masses without the need of mainstream distribution.

His next documentary is on the end of Western Civilization and will feature a rock opera to accompany the film. Kraft’s band “The Party is Over” is writing the music for the film.

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