Film Connection Letter | Alyson Horn Casting

Dear Jimi:

I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a positive experience I have had with your company. My experience with the student extern I was assigned could not have been better. My extern was eager and highly motivated to learn every aspect of the casting process. As a result, I now have an employee whose skills I trust implicitly–after all, everything she knows about casting she learned directly from me!


Because of the way the “Mentor/Student” relationship is set up by your organization, I also feel that the program is of great benefit to the student. I truly felt a responsibility to teach my extern about my business, as opposed to what often happens in a traditional “Intern/Employer relationship” where more often than not, tedious tasks, which have nothing to do with the actual running of the company, get passed off to them. Again, because of the way your program is set up, the employer is motivated to teach, which in the end, is mutually beneficial. The extern gains valuable knowledge and job experience (without which, even an entry-level job in entertainment is virtually out of reach due to fierce competition), and the employer stands to gain an employee they can truly trust.


Thank you again!

Alyson Horn

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