Film Connection Letter | Blue Visual Effects (2)

May 8, 2003


Danny Neiman
Film & Entertainment Connection
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Dear Danny,

I am writing to thank you for giving Blue Visual Effects the opportunity to participate in your wonderful intern placement program. We have had tremendous success with the people you have sent us-so much that we have hired two of them!


We participate with all the local University's in Philadelphia area as well as your program and the odds are definitely in your favor. Your applicants are well placed and come understanding what they will be expected to do and are willing participants – not just those looking to fulfill a credit.


Sasha Parulis, a member of your program, has been with Blue nearly three years now. She started as our Office Manager and has been promoted to Associate Producer. Karen Cerino, another member of your program, interned with Blue for just under a year and joined our staff nearly two years ago. She holds the position Compression and Duplication Manager. Both are great assets to Blue.


We look forward to many more applicants from you in the future!!



Susan Redmond
Executive Producer / Principle
Blue Visual Effects

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