Film Connection Letter | Blue Visual Effects

July 13, 2000


Dear Jimmy,


I want to say “thank you” for giving me the opportunity to get involved with The Recording Connection. Because of you and your company I was able to land an internship at Center City Film and Video in Philadelphia, PA. While at CCFV, I assisted in all aspects of production and post-production. Prior to this experience I had never even been inside a studio. After 8 months, I was hired by the newly expanded Blue Visual Effects, a production and post-production facility that does visual effects, animation, compositing etc. As Office Manager I will take over the day to day duties necessary to run a production and post-production facility, developing the company’s systems, managing inventories and assisting with client’s needs. Also I will be doing some writing, which is the direction I want to go in. I am very happy and grateful to be working with this growing company.


Thanks again Jimmy for opening the doors for me.


Sasha S. Parulis