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Frank P. Borres

Dayna Hennings
Assistant Producer

Sharon Nagy
Production Assistant

December 30, 1998

Dear Jim,

I'm writing to inform you I have hired the intern you sent me from your program. She is self-motivated and enthusiastic about working in the field. For that reason I have decided to bring her on part-time at first with the possibility of increased hours as time goes on.

I find your intern program to work for Borres Productions because it provides us with a motivated person that can help us in our mission. Usually, internships cost companies like ours because of the training that takes place in the front end. Sometimes they would leave after being trained — costing us time and money. We had soured on the idea of internships for that reason. It just hadn't been working for us and we were going to scratch the concept of interns.

Now, however, your program provides us a risk free opportunity to train someone and give an intern an inside look at the business while providing them opportunities as well. In Sharon's case we've decided to bring her on as a production/administrative assistant because of her conscientiousness.

In think the three-way relationship is good for all the parties involved. Most importantly your student clients can catch a break and get in an industry that for newcomers is not the easiest place to break into. Keep us informed about any new students who may be in our area. Thank you and good luck.


Frank Borres

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