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Thursday, January 27, 2000

Mr. Petulla,

This is a progress report on your “trainee,” Mark Martelli.

In 35 years in this business, rarely have I ever found a more willing or capable student. I don’t know what screening process you use to obtain your trainees, but whatever it is . . . Keep it up!

Mark’s attitude has been extraordinary from day one. His training has progressed so quickly that I now have him taking over some television program administration, editing network programming and running video cameras on location shoots. These are tasks that could never be accomplished in the traditional “Film School” setting.

Mark’s overall attitude has been fantastic. His willingness to take on any new task and handle it with consummate professionalism is, quite simply remarkable.

I congratulate you on your fine program, and now that we are putting Mark on payroll full time, I look forward to receiving your next candidate or candidates.

Thank you again for your fine Film and Video Connection program in general and for sending us Mark Martelli specifically.

I remain yours sincerely,

S. Bryan Hickox
President & CEO

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