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Thank you for continuing to supply our company with bright, intelligent and highly motivated production student externs. You’ll be happy to know, Sasha Parulis finished her externship with us this spring and was immediately hired by one of our clients, Blue Visual Effects. What a great example of how someone can take advantage of the tremendous opportunities your program can offer.


In this business connections are everything, more important than education. College courses can’t give a student the real world experience that Film and TV Connection provides. Our production externs are usually thrown into the trenches on their first day! They are an integral part of our film and video productions. Most externs with the desire, a good attitude, and a strong work ethic, end up working in the entertainment business shortly after leaving our facility.


Thanks again for Sasha, She was one of my best inters, and now she’s a client. As always, it’s been a pleasure and the externs coming!



Damon Alberts
Production Manager

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