Film Connection Letter | CQTV

February 9, 2001

Dear Jimi:

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to work with and get to know intern, Garret Vincent. Over the years, I have had numerous interns from the local colleges-most of whom, unfortunately, only seemed to have a passing interest in production as a career. Garret; however, is someone who truly has a passion for learning the production process, and has proven himself to be an asset to our company.

As a result of this opportunity and Garret’s hard work, we have offered him a position with CQTV as a production assistant and understudy. Needless to say, the program seems to have worked exactly as you intended. I would like to congratulate you on developing a much needed program for people truly interested in making a career of this exciting industry.


Cliff Springs
Production Director, CQTV