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January 17, 1999


Dear Jim,

Let me start this letter by saying that I have never had much faith in a lot of the film and video schools that I have encountered over the years, primarily because I have had a lot of people work for me who after having gone to such schools had to be entirely re-trained by me because they had no "On The Job" experience. For this business, your program is the best thing to come along since the talkies. Not just for those who want to get into the business but also for those who need to hire people with real hands on experience.


Hands on experience is the only way to go and I am proof. I did not go to film school. I went to work in films. I started at the very bottom learning the industry and gaining the experience that has since allowed me to Write, Produce and Direct over 30 feature films working with such actors as Lance Henriksen, Powers Booths, David Carradine, Tony Curtis, Glenn Ford and hundreds of others.


Your program puts your students on the right track to accomplish exactly the same goals and even more. I wish you were around when I got started — it sure would have saved me a lot of years.


I look forward to working with your students and training them for this exciting industry



David A. Prior

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