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September 29, 2001

Dear James Petulla,

You sent me Dan Shafer as an intern from your program. Dan is a fine young men, a hard worker and catches on very quickly. He has been a big help to me and my company in the few short weeks he has been there.

On September 11, the day of that terrible tragedy, CBS News called me and told me to get out to the Somerset County, PA plane crash site as soon as possible. There was no time to find a soundman, as I literally got the phone call minutes after the crash. I gave Dan a new company shirt and brand new toothbrush and told him we were going on a road trip. I gave him some pointers as we drove to find the crash site. Dan had been watching and assisting my regular soundmen on some previous shoots and must have been picking up a lot of tips. When we got to the site we had to cover my news conference and impromptu interviews. Dan jumped right in and was a great assistant, as we ended up working two very long days out there. By the second day he was feeding live audio to Dan Rather in New York. Talk about trial by fire.

Dan has since worked with me on a TV show that will air on TLC after Thanksgiving and has been a huge help on researching and co-writing a video that I produce and distribute to automobile enthusiasts.

You can bee sure he’ll be around Olegna Productions after his internship is over. If you have any more like Dan please send them my way.

Thanks again,

Angelo Del Monte

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