Film Connection Letter | State of Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Section

July 14, 1993

Dear Jim,

I wanted to congratulate you on a concept and program that is way ahead of its time. Our client approached us on paying for his training with your organization. He has been disabled and out of work for sometime, and is very limited on the kinds of employment that he is capable of obtaining.

In the beginning we were very much against any kind of training unless it was an accredited college or university. But after talking to you, you told us that college and universities were a waste of time and money and that statistics proved that most people who go to college never do work in broadcasting.

Well, you proved to us that you do land people jobs! The persistence of our client, along with the logic that on the job training is better than class room training encouraged us to take a chance with your company. And thank God we did. Your training and placement service has helped our client land his third radio job in a time when jobs are not easy to land in any field. We believe that Radio Connection is the most cost effective way to get an on air job in Radio or T.V.


Steven E. Scott, CRC, Area Supervisor
Office of Vacational Rehabilitation

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