Film Connection Letter | Telemedia Group (2)

November 8, 2001


Mr. James Petulla
Film Connection
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


RE: Intern Program (Ian Hayes Brett)


Dear Jimi,

Telemedia has been fortunate to have been involved with several interns from you company. They have all been intelligent, courteous and eager to learn. Our company specializes in video production for feature films and commercials. We also write, shoot and edit documentaries, commercials and promotional videos. Our offices are located "on-the-lot" at Screen Gems Studios here in Wilmington. This puts us in the middle of the production offices for films and commercials that come here to shoot, and therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for interns to observe and be part of these productions with hand on experience. This would not be possible at any conventional film school.


When Ian Brett came to us, he already had several screenplays written and he showed great interest in seeing the actual day to day functions of production offices, the roles of all the crew members on real movie sets and the screening and production of dailies. (Telemedia is in charge of scheduling dailies and providing projectionists for the Studio.) He was also able to work with us on the set of "Domestic Disturbance" (starring John Travolta), "Dawson's Creek" (a Warner Brothers television series), and "A Walk to Remember" (starring Mandy Moore and Peter Coyote).


Ian has learned to shoot and edit and to operate a video assist cart. However, since his main interest was writing screenplays, (on your advice) we were able to get him enrolled in a Screen Writers Conference in Los Angeles. As a result of him attending the conference Ian now has a manager and offers on two of his screenplays! Ian still works closely with us when he's not writing, and we are very proud of his accomplishments. Thank you for sending Ian to us, we look forward to meeting and working with our next intern from you.


Margaret DeVries
Co-Owner, Telemedia Group

(910) 343-3435 FAX (910) 343-3434
1223 NORTH 23rd ST. WILMINGTON, NC 28405

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