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Dear Sir/Madam:

We are happy to inform you that Ms. Andrea Colby has successfully completed her internship at Toronto Pictures.

During the last few months, she has scrupulously attended the program, intergrating many hours of theory with pactrical film editing work on our latest feature film project entitled " . . . Maybe . . . " She has also followed up on other phases of post-production at several studios throughout the city.

Her natural talent, along with perserverance and commitment made it a pleasure to have her as a student. We are confident that the knowledge she gained from the text books you provided along with our company's internship program makes her a valuable film editor, therefore we are now proud to have Ms. Colby as a new member of our team.

She has obtained a full-time position as prost-production supervisor and as film editor at Toronto Pictures beginning June 1st, 2001.



Bruno Pischiutta

President & C.E.O.

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