Film Connection Letter | Transtar Productions

Feb. 8, 2002

Dear Danny and Jimi,

Thanks for sending us Char Camvel and Jed Place through your program! They’ve both spent an ample amount of time with us at Transtar Productions, Inc. here in Denver and both have successfully entered the world of video and film production on professional levels.

Char Camvel is now currently living in California and has worked steadily on a variety of feature films in Hollywood. She’s recently spent time doing assistant make-up on a feature film, along with a variety of other assignments on a handful of films.

Jed Place is currently freelancing with us on a variety of projects ranging from Orange Glo, International to original programming for the Guitar Channel, a soon to be launched cable and satellite entertainment channel. He’s also acquired a nice line-up of lighting equipment, film cameras, and other gear to start his own freelance company called Oak Street Productions in Fort Collins, Colorado. We currently plan to hire Jed full-time this year contingent upon the Guitar Channel obtaining full funding and successfully launching.

Two other interns, Duane Sharp and Tim Burke, that came to us through your organization are showing great promise and seem to be catching on to things quickly. Both are motivated and dedicated to learning all aspects of the industry. I anticipate both students gaining the knowledge and skill needed to enter the workforce of video and film production within the next several months.

Thanks again for offering such a great program full of aspiring, motivated, and talented individuals!


Kevin Mauch
Transtar Productions, Inc.

7808 Cherry Creek Drive South, Suite 407 Denver, Colorado 80231

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