Letter from the President

Welcome to the Film Connection

James Petulla,

If you are looking for an exciting, challenging and creative career with virtually unlimited potential, the ever-growing industry of motion picture and television production may be for you.

The truth is there are not enough qualified individuals to feed the industry’s needs. Realize that it often takes hundreds of qualified workers to produce just one movie or even one thirty-second television commercial.

On the film side are the major studios and hundreds of independent film companies. In television are the major networks along with over 1300 independent television stations, some 8000 cable companies and literally countless commercial production houses. Yet there are only a handful of bona fide film schools in the country which cannot even begin to fill the thousands of opportunities available every day.

Why then does this industry seem so difficult to break into?

This is exactly what the Film Connection offers you. Unlike any other program, we provide on-the-job training through a nationwide network of film and television production companies.

Five-time award winning filmmaker James Petulla at Malibu Film Festival receiving “Best Picture” award for a Entertainment Connection production. James, accompanied by his wife, Alma (Executive Producer) and Danny Mousetise (Lead Actor), accepted the award given by Tony Danza and Oscar winning actor, Martin Landau.

We select and hire professional, working film and television Producers, Directors, Editors, Cameramen and others to be both mentor and counselor to our students throughout our training course. Because our students are actually assisting in a real production environment and learning in a hands-on situation, they are becoming that “known quantity” and are in an ideal position to move into a paid production job with the company they’ve trained with.

How long does it take? That’s up to you. If you’re the type of person who can pick things up quickly and show an ability to think on your feet in the often-frenzied workplace of this industry, you will move ahead within a matter of months. Our acceptance standards are very high, and we will only accept applicants with solid potential and the motivation to succeed.

Some people think they cannot actually enjoy what they do for a living. Those are the ones who won’t make it. If you won’t settle for anything less than a dynamic and exciting career, we know the Film Connection can help you achieve that goal.
 See you at the movies!

James Petulla
Founder, Entertainment Connection

View the full 30-minute Entertainment Connection segment that was featured on MTV and VH1. In this video, James explains how Film Connection’s externship training methods will bring about your success in the entertainment industry.

Editor’s note: James has completed production, editing and distribution of his own feature-length film, Reversal. This Film Connection production, that utilized our students and grads, has won five prestigious awards: and is now available at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Additionally, James’ latest Entertainment Connection project,TruthSeekerTV, is currently in production.


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