Evan Astrowsky – Producer, Mentor

Film Connection Mentor Evan Astrowsky talking at a video shoot

Evan Astrowsky – Producer, Mentor

As far as getting your career off to a great start, perhaps producer Evan Astrowsky has the best first-job anecdote. After working together on an AT&T ad as a Junior Producer, James Earl Jones left the outgoing message on Astrowksy’s answering machine.

Although it may date him a little bit, it also proves Astrowsky has the skill, smarts, and staying power in an industry where that’s not always possible. He then went on to work under current NBCUniversal Content Studios Charman Bonnie Hammer at the SciFi Channel producing Inner Space, a reality show that looked at trends in the science realm.

In 1997, Astrowksy opened Astrow Films, Inc., where he produced indie classics Cabin Fever, Fan Boys, and the Ronald Reagan inspired horror film, The Tripper. He produced seven other feature-length films as well as commercials for major brands. Based on his success, Trigger Street Productions brought him on as Vice President of Production.

Executive Producer and Head of Production titles soon followed at different agencies. Astrowsky secured and worked with some of the biggest names in the business world: Bud Light, Oracle, Stub Hub, Verizon, Microsoft, Facebook, and more. Managing content producers, editors, artists, designers, and others while overseeing budgets that grew to $5 million.

With the number of directors, actors, artists, and other crew members he’s worked with over his career, Astrowsky knows how a 30-second ad should be shot and how to manage the finances of a 90-minute independent film. He’s worked with heavy hitters before they were heavy hitters, and understand connections come through hard work and determination.

Film Connection Mentor

As a mentor at Film Connection, you’ll be able to take advantage of everything Astrowsky has learned during his quarter-century in the industry. As a producer, he worked with a wide range of people on a wide range of media. And he’s a firm believer in the only way of learning how to do it is to get your hands dirty.

And he should know: Astrowsky went to a film school and was one of the lucky ones to find work almost immediately. He knows others that were adrift for years before finding work. And that’s what is so appealing to him and <a href=”https://www.filmconnection.com/courses/”>our programs</a>: removing those wandering years by getting experience now.

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