“The first couple weeks, my mentor had me right away building my website, getting business cards, connecting me with some people through email so that was a great opportunity and then he had me reading scripts and then once I really found the script that I felt really strongly about I contacted Tom, my mentor, we wrote up an auction, we had a couple of writers sign up and then from there I was posting jobs on Craigslist, on any website that I could find and he actually had another director that he had worked with so we interviewed with a couple directors and we ended up going with Steve. Once we found the director that’s when we started breaking down the script and finding the locations and props and contacting make up artists and sound guys and we did that all throughout the program for the six months and then once everyone was hired and we got the budget from Kick Starter and family and friends we set a date. We started doing auditions and I really enjoyed that, that was one thing I really liked, posting the rolls on LA casting and having people submit their profiles and deciding who will be perfect for the roles and actually having the auditions and then we set a date and it was about the last three weeks we actually sent out call sheets and then we had the shoot and it was really great. It was actually budgeted for $3,000 and we came in under so we didn’t even spend quite half of what we budgeted, so that was something I think that really made me feel strong for being a producer because of the fact that I did come in at half of what the budget was supposed to be so I just think that doing that made me want to be a producer even more. It was so fun and I really got hands-on which is something that I really like to do is be hands-on and get involved and so I just think that really made me think this is what I want to do, there is nothing else in this world that I can see myself doing.”

— Chelsy Jensen, New York, NY

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