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Dear Parents and Students,

As a fully recognized film school, for the past 30 years we have worked tirelessly to maintain the highest academic standards and graduate success rates possible.

We know it’s important to research your options before making decisions on your academic and professional future. With that in mind, please review the following carefully.


  1. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has determined that Recording Radio and Film Connection meets BBB membership standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.
  2. The American Association for the Arts  has recognized the Film Connection Film Institute as a member school specializing in Mentor/Apprentice training.
  3. Audio Engineering Society has also granted The Film Connection Film Institute family of programs with membership. This society also lists most of our music producing and audio engineering teachers as a members as well. Please visit these prestigious societies.
  4. The Independent Film Alliance recognized our CPIHL. Click here
  5. The National Guild for Community Arts Education, one of the nation’s leading non-profit advocacy groups of education, has granted membership to the Film Connection Film Institute.
  6. The American Music Producers Guild (AMP) has also granted us membership to its prestigious producer’s only association.
  7. The National Guild for Community Arts Education, one of the nation’s leading non-profit advocacy groups of Education has partnered with Film Connection Film Institute Schools by granting Film Connection Film Institute membership.
  8. SLM Financial is a U.S. government backed School Loan Provider, the largest in the country. The Film Connection Film Institute is proud to be a certified provider of The Smart Option Loan, which only offered to schools that demonstrate EXCELLENCE in TRAINING and sound financial foundation.
  9. The Recording Radio Film Connection is a Member in Good Standing of The Recording Academy, which is the official recognition for schools granted by The Grammy Awards.
  10. The Film Connection Film Institute is also a member of The National Academy of Broadcasting (NAB).
  11. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).
  12. The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS)
  13. The Film Connection Film Institute Family of Schools is a CERTIFIED TRAINING CENTER for Avid (formerly Digi Design) Pro Tools™.
  14. The Film Connection Film Institute is a member in good standing of the Art Schools Network (ASN)
    The Film Connection Film Institute is a member in good standing of the Art Schools Network

These are private organizations that are not recognized by the United State Department of Education.


Learning And Working With The Film Connection

by Brian Kraft
Consultant for Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools

The Film Connection is one of those few educational institutions that really puts its students first. It makes for not only a better education experience but also a better employment ecosystem. The Film Connection pairs its students with individuals who are currently working professionals within the film world. This means if a student is looking to become a writer then we pair them with a writer who teaches them everything they need to know about the craft of writing films. If the student desires to be a director, the Film Connection takes the student and teams them up with a working director. The Film Connection is a great way for any aspiring film student to get started in the industry. The Film Connection will set you up with all the skills, contacts and experience that you’ll need in order to succeed. You’ll be the only thing standing between you and success. You’ll be in the room with the decision makers, you’ll have a screenplay, you’ll have the experience. You’ll have what it takes to be able to make your career burst into being. The Film Connection will enable you to get inside a real production company, make connections, learn your craft from someone who does it professionally, and be able to fully live up to your potential as a storyteller. The Film Connection is a tool. It’s up to you how you use it. It can help you make connections with professionals who would normally be out of your reach, you can use it to gain experience from working on-set, or you can use it to fine-tune your screenplay. Exactly how you go about it is completely up to you.

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