Film - How to Become a Movie Star


If climbing to the top of the film world and becoming a movie star were easily done than the world would be full of a lot more movie stars. It’s the rare person who hasn’t dreamt of fame at fortune at some point in his or her life. Most of us decide to put those dreams away and focus on a more sensible and stable career path. There are those out there who dare to follow their dreams and set off for Hollywood to make their splash. Only a few will succeed. If you want to be among them, there are no guarantees, but here are some practical tips for navigating the bizarre and often frustrating world of the film business in your quest for movie stardom. First things first, move to Los Angeles. You don’t hear of many movie stars gaining fame in Detroit or Dallas. They make almost all of the movies there (though this is changing somewhat), so it’s the best place to be. If you can’t afford to move to Los Angeles, scour the movie trade publications to see if any films are shooting in or near your hometown. If so, track down the casting company for the film and volunteer to work as an “extra” for free. Extras are the non-speaking actors who appear in the background of a scene to make it look authentic. Some of the biggest names in film got their start as extras. If you can make it to Los Angeles, looking for extra work is still one path you should follow, but the most important thing is to get acting right away. Thousands and thousands of short films are shot in Los Angeles every year, both by professional and student filmmakers. The more shorts you appear in, the more likely your unique style may capture the attention of a big-time producer or director. You would probably also do well to enroll in at least one or two acting classes, and during your study try to develop a one-on-one mentoring relationship with an experienced actor who can point you in the right direction as you try to get your own star on the walk of fame. The two qualities you absolutely must possess are patience and persistence. Most “overnight successes” actually labored in the acting trenches for years and years before being plucked out of obscurity and deposited on the red carpet. If you stay focused and maintain your determination, perhaps one day you can conquer the film industry and become a movie star.

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