How to Succeed in the Film Industry?

Film Connection student Jacob Sizemore learning how to be successful in the film industry

Film Connection grad Jacob Sizemore

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a film producer, writer, or director; traveling to Hollywood and receiving your Academy Award; living like the rich and famous; then I’m sure more than one person has told you that you have about as much chance of doing that as winning the lottery.  People automatically think that you are crazy and spending time pursuing this is living in unreality.  For me, I’ve never held those that place a self-imposed ceiling on themselves in very high regard.  So continue to read and hopefully, you’ll be the one to burst their limiting bubble.  Don’t forget to thank them as you receive your Oscar!

How to be Successful in the Film Industry?

Okay, now down to the basics; what really are the keys to being successful in the film industry?  Of course, people will tell you that the correct schooling is a necessity.  Also, it’s who you know.  Having a mentor as you learn the ropes is always amazing because you get to meet their business associates and friends who might help give you your first break.  Those obviously, are all important, but sometimes people overlook the internal attributes that will help drive you toward true success in this exciting industry.

What Skills do I need to be Successful in the Film Industry?

In this vast and competitive industry, I learned very quickly, being a producer and screenwriter, that possessing true humility cannot be stressed enough.  Once you land a job (and usually your first position is one that nobody wants) this will literally help create work you will do in the future.  Humility, which in this business entails the willingness to do any job no matter how menial, with a smile on your face and excitement in your voice, will do more for your reputation than anything else.  People will remember your attitude and how well you “played” with others on set more than the job you did.  This industry is basically about people telling stories about people.  So if you’re someone that is a team player, parks your ego at the door, and helps make the entire experience a success, you, my friend, will be working all the time.

The close sister to humility is integrity which, in layman’s terms, is placing great value on doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.  No matter what your job is, how you perform it is extremely important.  People can read an honest and forthright person in a split second.  Because of the very nature of the film industry, reliable people full of integrity are very hard to find.  I’ve learned firsthand over many years, that although integrity is a very simple concept, it is extremely powerful.  Unfortunately, most do not possess it.  If you do, you will go far in this industry no matter what the naysayer claims.

I understand that perhaps when you saw the title of this article you were looking for “secret” ways to enter into this business that no one else knows.  You are exactly right; most people do not realize how vital it is to possess the character that drives people to hire you again.  Humility and integrity are two cornerstones in your career that will press people to hire you once again.  See you at the top! Thinking about taking the next step? Learn how to get started in the film industry.

How to learn from Film Industry Pros?

With the Film Connection Film Production and Editing Program, you’ll be placed inside a professional film production company for six to nine months. During this time, you’ll work one on one with a mentor, taking on those day-to-day projects while learning creative aspects of a production.

This will lead to potential on-location shoots, time behind the camera, and learning how to edit pieces under the watchful eye of your mentor. There is no trial and error with our program. You are learning how productions are made from the ground up, from people who do this for a living.

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