Derek Sorenson - Film Connection Graduate

My name is Derek Sorenson and I have been cultivating my talents within the film industry by working behind the camera for almost half a year now. Almost 3 years ago I relocated from South Florida and began as a student at the University of New Mexico. I took a leave of absence to travel throughout Europe and contemplate my true interests in regards to the future. Having a love of film interests, it made sense to learn more about the business behind the camera. I made the decision to join the Film Connection, which led to meeting my mentor. Thus, jump starting my education in film production and bringing me to my externship.

I have learned a multitude of skills while under my mentor’s tutelage. It started with how to utilize lighting and work a studio camera. I moved on to understanding how to set up and take the correct shots. I have also been honing my editing skills with Final Cut Pro under a professional whose expertise is editing. My mentor and I have developed a positive relationship in and outside of work. Not only have I gone on several shoots with my mentor, but he also has me actively working in his video business.

Currently I am an active student, who has come a long way from when I first started the program. Most recently my mentor has started paying me to assist with the company shoots. I have worked on multiple projects with my mentor and developed a better understanding each time I am involved in company shoots. This is a fascinating business that is constantly evolving. I continue to look for opportunities that will build upon my experience and improve my abilities.

— Derek Sorenson, Albuquerque, New Mexico