Korey Hehn a Film Connection mentor


Please take the time to read the experiences of one of our own, Korey Hehn of Pineville, OR when deciding on the validity of our program.

“Mostly it was commercials (I worked on with my studio) and a lot of commercials for the Where To Eat Guide because my mentor was hired for them. That was good and one time he let me go in and actually do the camerawork which was extremely nerve-racking but I was glad he was letting me do this because it was building my confidence. I got to do a film video once which was fun and challenging because replaying the song back over and over again so that the actors and people in the film video could match their movements and things to the film was fun and lots of set dressing. I did tons of editing which was good, I was glad to become somewhat familiar with Final Cut…We did work on one for an early Head Start programs in a close by town and that was the first project that I helped out on, that was interesting and good because we had to go several times to set up lighting for an interview for several interviews, doing shots of the kids playing around. That was good because we did a lot of different things with the video and editing it and it was a very broad projects so I’m glad we delved into that one first.”

“Right after I graduated from the Film Connection I went to Colorado to work on a web series, I was the script supervisor for that and I did hair and makeup as well. It was a pretty small crew and small cast but it was super fun and I got a feel for what it was like to be on a film or on a TV series but it was a tiny, tiny one. After that I came home and have been working all summer to take a little break from filming.”


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