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I was very excited to execute this job on my own

“I was able to set up an interview with one of the Artist Producer/ DJ. The goal of the this short interview was to get a tutorial of how this Artist produces his own music. I was lucky to get the interview done at his house. This was a new experience to me since I’ve never interview or film someone at their own house. The environment was slightly small but I had to get creative to the job done. I was able to film the footage and get the interview done within 45 minutes. In addition, it was my first time getting this kind of job done by myself. My mentor Anthony Barkdoll believed that it will be great experience to get this job done on my own since I’ve done it before with his assistance. I was very excited to execute this job on my own and get a feel of how I perform in this kind of assignments.

The equipment I use was a standard FS 100 Sony camera Manual Lens, Monopad, 2 batteries, 1 ARRI Light, wireless microphone. The interview and footage was successful and excited about next week interview. Next week interview is very important because this Artist/Event Coordinator, Producer, Graphic Designer, DJ is a very important piece to this project. It took a little bit of work to schedule this interview but got it done. I’ll be sharing with you on my next blog how this assignment went.”

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