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Meeting with my mentor Part 3

“On Tuesday, August 11th I met with my mentor Joe on a beautiful sunny day in Minnesota. We have both been crazy busy, me with my homework and him on some errands but we made the time to get together in spite of our schedules. That day we talked about my chapter 1 and 2 quizzes and also I had the chance to go to his studio to see where he does the editing for his projects. He uses the Apple program Final Cut and I find it similar to the Sony editing software I recently purchased. So we spent the majority of the time looking at and exploring the features of his editing software. It was eye opening to what you can do with the software. There are so many functions and even though he showed me a few of them such as putting footage on a timeline and then editing it by adding transition here and there and also looping the sound to match the footage made my mind swim. He made it look easy since he has been doing that for quite some time and I look forward to when I too can make it look easy…might take awhile but I will get there:). Joe also gave me a small project to work on with my new editing software – the footage we filmed at the White Bear Lake YMCA. He made a backup copy of some of the footage and tasked me with making a movie with the footage he gave me. It is quite the challenge but I feel I am up to the task. Like a rookie quarterback starting in place of an injured veteran player I must make my editing debut.Very excited to see what I can come up with! Stay tuned for more later…”

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