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What it really means to be a good director.

“After we finished reading over the quizzes, my mentors showed me what I had missed the day before. They were working on an eye glasses ad using a green screen! Jim started explaining to me what was being done that day, and turns to the lights. He stands in front of the 2k with a large diffuser in front of it, and then removes the diffuser to show me the difference between hard light and soft light. After the door rings he asks Tony, the DP, to explain to me even further. Tony begins to introduce me to the setup of the lights, and then takes a tennis ball and places it in front of the camera. He points a light to it and talks about dimension. When the light was placed behind it, the shadows made it look a lot more three dimensional. Then he placed the light on the right side, casting a shadow on the left of the ball. He continued to tell me some basics on lighting using some terms that I couldn’t wrap my head around. The whole time I was thinking, “I really have a lot to learn.” It made me extremely glad though, because that was why I came here.”

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