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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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If you’ve got the fire within, we’ve got the connection to your filmmaking career. And it starts right here in Fargo. We’re Fargo Film Connection and we offer the very thing other film programs can’t: a path into the industry. By pairing local filmmaking mentors to you, we’ve broken down the outdated obstacles for entering the entertainment business. Whether you choose to study behind the scenes for six months or really want to be a director in eight , you’ll get top mentors who will meet you in their studios and production houses to give you a real dose of moviemaking. Our directors track even provides an additional L.A.-based dream mentor who will help hone your project’s pitch. We’ll then fly you out to L.A. to meet with this mentor before you get to pitch to an industry executive who might buy your idea right then and there! This is the future of filmmaking. This is your Film Connection!

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Fargo, North Dakota is located on the eastern edge of North Dakota, along the Minnesota border. It anchors the largest metropolitan area in the state, with a total metro population exceeding 200,000 people. The area is home to several television and radio stations that cover the region, as well as several production companies. If you are looking at a career as a film director, film producer, film editor, or cameraman, there are more opportunities to learn in Fargo than meet the eye–and FILM CONNECTION is just the film school to help you tap into those resources.  

Movies, commercials, TV shows and documentaries are filmed throughout North Dakota, including in Fargo and vicinity. Some of the films that have done location shooting in Fargo and surrounding regions of North Dakota include Fargo (the movie), Pinching Penny, Buick Riviera, Northern Lights, and the documentary Jesus Camp, to name a few. 

Over the years, we've forged many professional connections and relationships (including here in Fargo), giving our students a distinct advantage in moving forward with their dreams. We pair you with a working film or television professional who teaches you one-on-one, letting you work in real film shoots and helping you make vital industry connections. Over 70% of FILM CONNECTION graduates go on to have a career in film and TV—often times being hired before they finish their FILM CONNECTION course. You owe it to yourself to see what we can do for you!

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The Film Connection is where it all starts. We help make your dreams happen.
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